Super Lutein Price in Singapore

Super Lutein Price in Singapore (1 Bottle: 100 Capsules) $170

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Super Lutein Manufacturing Process

Super Lutein Price in Singapore

As SUPER LUTEIN is a daily supplement, we insist on ensuring high safety standards in its production.

High-quality FloraGLO™ Lutein sourced from African marigold

FloraGLO™ Lutein, the main ingredient in SUPER LUTEIN, is manufactured by Kemin Industries, Inc. of the USA. It is the most researched lutein brand worldwide and the brand used in AREDS2.* From marigold oleoresin sourced from African marigolds, FloraGLO™ Lutein is manufactured through a proprietary process, and analyzed by quality control specialists to ensure purity and quality.

FloraGLO, the original lutein brand, provides the same form of lutein as that naturally found in vegetables and other foods to keep eyes healthy and functioning at their best. FloraGLO™ Lutein is clinically proven to be absorbed by the body and to increase macular pigment**.

  • ™FloraGLO is a registered trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc
  • Kemin Industries, Inc.
  • ** Alexander, D.A., and Emmick, T.E. (KHBB-017-083) Human Clinical Trials with FloraGLO Lutein, In TL-10-00183.

(Do you know that there are different grades of Lutein?)

Quality-assured Pharmaceutical-standard Blackcurrant Extract

Super Lutein Cost Singapore

Another integral component of SUPER LUTEIN, anthocyanin (blackcurrant extract), is extracted from blackcurrants (or cassis). This ingredient is manufactured in compliance with strict standards (Pharmaceutical GMP) comparable to those applicable to pharmaceutical products.

High quality crocetin sourced from gardenia fruits

Crocetin used in SUPER LUTEIN is extracted and processed in Japan, from imported gardenia fruits grown under strictly managed conditions, from cultivation to harvest.

Lutein Price singapore

Quality assurance based on GMP for dietary supplements and ISO standards

The factory is located at the foot of pristine Mount Fuji, where there is abundant greenery and water. Secure, safe, and high-quality products are manufactured according to the strict quality control standards of ISO9001※2, ISO22000※3 and the Dietary Supplement GMP※1.

  • ※1 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) refers to a standard that can be implemented on work processes and appropriate quality checks for the manufacture of quality products.
  • ※2 An international standard for quality management systems established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for quality management and quality assurance./li>
  • ※3 An international standard of the food safety management system. A standard that comprises a mix of technological methods from the ISO management standards and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point: a system used in the identification, assessment and management of important risk factors related to food safety) to ensure food safety in the manufacture, distribution and sale of food.